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09 October 2022

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First Name : Oneal239
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The voice was full of hatred and unwillingness. "Are you not willing to be outdone by this son?" He asked? Or can't accept the fact that he has become stronger than you? Su Xingfeng's face stiffened slightly. After a while, he nodded and said, "The sixth uncle is right, and he does have this idea." There's nothing to hide. To practice, first of all, you must recognize the reality and your own ability. The star wind is so narrow-minded that it will be difficult to become a climate in the future. Su Kui sighed. Sixth uncle, I.. Su Xingfeng opened his mouth to defend himself, but when he saw that his face had sunk and his invisible power had spread, he suddenly shouted, "You still want to quibble. I think you've been blinded by lard. Why don't you kneel down and admit your mistake?" The sound was like thunder from the ground, shaking Su Xingfeng's ears, shaking his mind, and kneeling subconsciously in the void. But immediately, he realized that something was wrong. The sixth uncle had always taken care of himself and had never spoken so harshly. What was wrong with him today? He couldn't help looking up, which immediately made him realize something was wrong. Although the appearance and manner of the "sixth uncle" in front of him were exactly the same as in his own impression, his breath was obviously much weaker, and he lacked the unique power that belonged to the realm of longevity. Moreover, the way he looked at himself was not right, with a hint of banter! "You are not the sixth granduncle!" Su Xingfeng said angrily. Everyone else was stunned and confused. But he laughed and said, "You want to recognize me as a grandfather, but I don't want to recognize you as a descendant." When the voice fell, "Su Wei" had shown his true appearance and turned into a handsome young man, who was Lin Xun. Seeing Lin Xun and listening to the laughter with a sarcastic taste,brushless gear motor, Su Xingfeng's handsome cheeks suddenly turned red, his long hair flew upside down, and he was so angry that seven orifices smoked. He stood up angrily and pointed at Lin Xun with a trembling finger. "Lin Xun, how dare you humiliate me like that!" He was so mad with anger that he knelt down in front of his "enemy" just now. Although he was deceived, it was too humiliating after all. If such a scandal spread, he would not be able to raise his head in his life. Lin Demon God, how dare you! "Damn it!" Other people from Lingbao Holy Land also reacted, and their faces were extremely bad. Lin Xun smiles brightly,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, no matter how the other side abuses, he has no more words, the figure flashes, step forward in the void, brazenly attack! Chapter 1037 Xuanshuang Ice Field. A few years ago, Su Xingfeng still took to heart the fact that he was defeated by Lin Xun when he was in the secret land of the Demon Saint in Guixu. A few years later, Su Xingfeng has successfully joined the ranks of the core disciples of Lingbao Holy Land, thinking that it is enough to wash away the previous shame. What he can't accept is that today's Lin Xun is the famous Lin Demon God! He refused to accept, not angry, do not want to admit that once again by Lin Xun to cover the edge. Therefore, when he learned that Lin Xun had appeared in Mobaizhou, he planned to find out for himself how powerful the enemy he had hated for several years was. And at this time, Su Xingfeng also finally realized the terrible of Lin Demon God! Just three strikes, he was directly suppressed, no suspense, no struggle, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Micro Gear Motor, completely crushed! Compared to a few years ago, today's Lin Xun, it is like becoming another person, the powerful means of fighting, the power of the contempt, so that Su Xingfeng feel a burst of despair. You know, he can also set foot on the road to the top, but in the face of Lin Xun, in exchange for the end is still suppressed! Also at this time, Su Xingfeng finally clear, in the past few years, he is becoming stronger, Lin Xun is also becoming stronger, and strong outrageous! He suspected that in the whole Lingbao Holy Land, only Yan Zhanqiu himself had the chance to suppress Lin Xun. However, without waiting for Su Xingfeng to think more, he was knocked unconscious by Lin Xun. And in a moment later, the field of the other sixteen Lingbao Holy Land were suppressed, no one was spared, and no one could escape. Wuling City. The night is like water, but the city is brightly lit. A travel-stained monk had just arrived outside the city and was ready to enter the city, but when he looked up, he was stunned. Tall towering walls, I do not know when, hanging one figure after another, are tied up by five flowers, dishevelled hair, lined up. On it, there is a line of wanton and striking blood-colored characters. "Some people who claim to be from famous families and great schools, regardless of their sense of shame, collude with black dog offal and behave in a despicable way, which is outrageous and God forbid!" Seeing this scene, the practitioner gasped and felt a shock in his heart. Before long, more and more monks gathered outside the city gate. When they saw this scene, their faces changed and they were shocked. Who dares to hang the descendants of Lingbao Holy Land here and show their prestige to the public? Many people tremble in their hearts. This Wuling City is the nearest city to Lingbao Holy Land, but now, the descendants of Lingbao Holy Land are tied up and hung on the wall, which is obviously hitting the face of Lingbao Sacred Land! "Colluding with the Black Nightmare Tengu Clan?"? If so, these guys are really shameless. Who doesn't know that these black dogs are the most hated group of monks in the world? Others marvel that the news revealed by that line of blood is really amazing, and if it is proved to be true, the reputation of Lingbao Holy Land is doomed to be stained. It must be Lin Demon God! Only this guy has the courage to do such an extraordinary thing! "Yes, isn't this son wanted in Lingbao Holy Land these days?"? Obviously, all this is a revenge from this son. Most ascetics are in the first time, coincidentally guess the same name, the heart is also rolling endlessly, unable to calm down. Previously, when hearing the news that Lin Xun was wanted in Lingbao Holy Land, many monks planned to watch the scene of bustle, thinking that Lin Demon God would suffer this time. But who ever thought, tonight, Lin Demon God launched a counterattack! Moreover,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, this kind of counterattack has no concealment and is extremely overbearing! "As soon as this happens, Lingbao Holy Land will never give up. If there is no accident, the whole Mobai Prefecture will start to draw a big storm tonight.." 。 ichgearmotor.com

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